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I’m building SaaS Gems, the SaaS resource network where I share curated insights and resources for SaaS founders. Follow my journey and get notified when I release the next one!

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  • DataQuery PRO

    Transform Data Analysis with Generative AI

  • Story Diffusion

    AI Comic Story Generate

  • ColorBliss

    Create printable custom coloring sheets in seconds.

  • Llanai

    Learn Languages with AI

  • ListenUp!

    🧲 Centralize user feedback & research. Understand with 🪄 real AI.

  • Growth Makers

    10X Your Organic Leads with AI Marketing Team

  • PhotoRevive Ai

    Revive Your Memories with AI-Powered Photo Restoration

  • Datalynx

    Personal AI data analyst designed to write and execute SQL queries.

  • Postlyy

    Grow your audience faster with effortless content management

  • SceneXtras

    Where AI Meets your Stories

  • SkimAI

    Email, Reimagined

  • Tipis AI

    AI assistant for data processing

  • Sprexel

    All-in-One AI Creation Platform

  • Read Wonders

    Turn research into revenue with AI insights


    One API 100+ AI Models Accessible 24/7

  • PrometAI

    PrometAI is an AI-assisted Business Plan and Valuation Generator

  • Botcast AI

    Engage Your Listeners with Personalized AI Conversations.

  • Cody

    Discover Cody: your AI-powered career journal - log, learn, and grow every day.

  • Interview Solver

    Ace your live coding interviews with our AI Copilot

  • Leiga

    Leiga is a SaaS product that uses AI to automatically manage your projects, helping your team stay focused and unleash immense potential, ensuring your projects progress as planned.

  • Crayo AI

    We build AI editing software to help you clip content + edit content with AI.

  • Talkiemate

    Dive into intriguing dialogues, unlock the potential of AI personalities, and discover the art of conversing with lifelike AI characters.