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Frame is a unified suite of productivity apps built for teams. It’s fast, minimalist, and collaborative. We’ve regrouped all the mini apps you need to operate as teams under one unified hub, so you can focus on getting stuff done.

Did you know? You’re losing, on average, one month per year juggling between your 150 opened tabs per day. We decided to take on SaaS fragmentation by creating a unified collaboration OS for teams.

If you’re getting started, don’t lose time rebuilding over and over again the same apps in Notion or Google Docs; there is no need to pay for 5 (pricey) disconnected SaaS; instead, start on Frame. Go back to the core of what you need, and get your team on the same page so they can focus on real work.

If you have ever dreamed of experiencing the MacOS experience but built for business – Frame is for you.

In a Nutshell:

📱Frame comes with 5 apps: Notes, Tasks, Wiki, Whiteboard and Goals

⚡️ Our design principles are:

– Minimalism: we go back to the core of what you need in each app (think Apple Note or Medium.com)
– Interoperability: seamlessly refer docs across apps (e.g., insert a link to a note from the whiteboard)
– Collaboration: co-create in real-time docs in every app

🚀 Frame comes packed with super-powers:

– Cross-apps search (Cmd-K bar): search content across all apps & team members
– Templates: leverage powerful templates for any department and apps (e.g., a sprint review template for PMs on the whiteboard app)
– AI magic: from automatic labeling of docs to summarizing any text – we got you covered
– Blazing fast: Lightning-fast navigation using shortcuts for the ultimate Superhuman-like experience
– Advanced filters: easily retrieve docs with a unified labeling system across apps (e.g., find my notes and whiteboard docs created by John or Adam, last month with the label ‘Fundraising’)
– Real-time co-creation: co-create docs in any app in real-time with your teammates

🙌 Our Vision:

Frame’s vision is to create a unified way of working across the company. We value minimalism and a unified interface, ala MacOS. Our long-term vision is to create a one-stop shop for your team so they can access any business data from Frame and get business insights.

🔜 What’s coming next:

– More apps: Contacts, Dashboard, Processes – we’re only getting started
– Advanced AI interaction: get better insights on your business by having all your business data in one place, with a unified labeling system.
– Video real-time co-creation: Launch video calls while co-creating docs.
– Beyond Frame: access Frame from anywhere on the web
– Data import: easily import your data from your most popular apps
– Integrations: Google for Work, Slack, Figma: integrations are coming soon

As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re constantly evolving. Our vision aligns with your needs – faster workflows, better teams, and superior products. Be part of our revolution, and let’s redefine how work gets done.