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Interactive Video with AI Avatars for Customer Engagement


Feedeo is an AI-powered tool that creates interactive videos with real or cartoon characters in minutes. No need for expensive spokespersons – lifelike avatars create a professional and engaging effect on your website, social media, and EDM. Feedeo’s interactive videos are designed to fully captivate and engage your audience and can be easily created using the video builder dashboard.

Key Features of Feedeo

AI-Powered Interactive Videos: Utilizes AI to create engaging videos with real or cartoon characters, providing a professional touch to your website, social media, and EDM.

Lifelike Avatars: Eliminates the need for expensive spokespersons by incorporating lifelike avatars, ensuring a captivating and professional impact.

Versatile Templates: Offers a diverse range of interactive video templates for various purposes, including marketing, sales, recruitment, e-commerce, and education.

10+ Interactive Components: Support 10+ interactive components, such as button, multiple choices, contact form, etc. Increases engagement by 86%, surpassing the conversion rates of complex text forms.

Feedeo Use Cases

Marketing: NPS survey, lead generation, customer support
Sales: Contact form, email campaign
Recruitment: Candidate screening, satisfaction survey
E-commerce: Video FAQ, customer feedback survey
Education: Course evaluation

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