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Illiad makes learning and remembering information intuitive.


Do you ever bookmark articles, save pages for later, or take extensive notes and then never revisit what you’ve curated? These digital breadcrumbs, which are meant to guide us back to knowledge, often lead nowhere. They sit, gathering virtual dust, in the forgotten corners of our browsers and apps.

Illiad is a Chrome extension that solves this problem by transforming any webpage into an interactive knowledgebase. Highlight terms for instant explanations, chat in real-time with content as if you’re speaking to the author, and save articles to build a personalized AI-powered library, so that you can ask about a general concept you’ve saved, rather than hunting for the title of the article or note that contains what you’re looking for.

Key Features of Illiad

1) Ask AI: Highlight terms on any webpage to get contextual explanations and definitions for any term or phrase.

2) Chat with webpage: Chat with content in real-time, asking detailed questions about what you’re reading as if you’re talking to the author.

3) Save Content: You can save any content, whether it’s an insightful article, a research paper, or a captivating blog post, with a single click. Each piece of content you save becomes a part of your ever-growing library of knowledge.

Illiad Use Cases

1) Research and Study: Ideal for students and researchers who need instant context on documents with lots of detailed terminology. Saving documents can allow students and researchers to ask informed questions about a new document by drawing from a knowledgebase that can seamlessly help them remember what they’ve seen before.

2) Professional Development: Professionals can use Illiad to stay updated and ask in-depth questions about industry trends or specific topics, and draw high-level connections across seemingly disparate topics.

3) Personal Knowledge Management: Anyone looking to build a personal library of content for easy retrieval and understanding of complex topics, or engage more deeply with the things that they read on a daily basis.

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