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Learn Languages with AI


Do any of these ring true with you ?

💼 Business Communication Skills
🧠 Cognitive Benefits
🌍 Culture & Tradition Exploration
🔍 Aspiring Polyglot Curiosity
🌌 Perspective Expansion
❤️ Deeper Personal Connections

There is a 3-Step Plan for Effective Language Learning:

📅 Discipline: Consistent Practice
📚 Tailored Curriculum: Customized Learning Plans
🗣️ Speaking Practice: Achieve Fluency


Llanai is an AI-powered language learning platform that enables this 3-step plan for learning Spanish 🇪🇸, German 🇩🇪, English 🇺🇸, and French 🇫🇷.
Personalized and immersive curriculum are in the core of Llanai’s design.
Right on WhatsApp.

Key Features of Llanai

🌱 **Adaptive Learning Paths**
– 📝 Customized plans created in batches of 10, after reviewing past progress.

💬 **Conversational AI Practice**
– 🗣️ Realistic dialogues with a focus on sounding natural and grammatically correct.
– 🎙️ Lessons focus exclusively on pronunciation.

🎮 **Interactive Lessons**
– 🌐 You can learn about virtually anything through the lenses of a language exchange. Even to code, but I would not recommend that.

📊 **Performance Reports**
– 📈 Insightful summaries of your learning achievements.

📝 **Blogs**
– 🖋️ I write content citing resources to complement your learning.

Llanai Use Cases

To learn and improve your Spanish 🇪🇸, German 🇩🇪, English 🇺🇸, and French 🇫🇷.

This platform is best suited for speakers that have some knowledge in the language.

Check it out

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