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I’m building SaaS Gems, the SaaS resource network where I share curated insights and resources for SaaS founders. Follow my journey and get notified when I release the next one!

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  • Real Estate Finder

    Real Estate Finder with a Human Understanding

  • Awesome Repositories 🚀

    Find cool repositories using the power of AI!

  • LinkedCRM AI

    The sales GPT on LinkedIn

  • Manga Translate

    Boundless Translations, Infinite Manga

  • ClipShorts

    Generate viral faceless videos using Ai in minutes


    Automate your product descriptions using EAN/GTIN codes

  • BidBuilder

    Upgrade your proposals with BidBuilder: AI that writes like a human.

  • Deepmode

    Make your realistic AI clone today

  • KlearStack

    Automate Document-centric Processes using AI

  • Applicant AI

    Review job applicants 10x faster with AI.

  • PageGenie

    Double your traffic with AI powered blog content - AI Writing, Human Editing

  • Kalami AI

    Your data connected to Gemini and GPT for free

  • KaraboAI

    Custom AI Chatbots for your Business

  • Alice

    Ask AI for actions, not answers

  • CharGen

    AI Generated D&D Character Art, in 30 seconds, without any prompting.

  • Supportzeal

    SupportZeal: Instant AI support, proactive engagement, seamless integration. Elevate your customer experience!

  • is online AI video editor powered by the knowledge of millions of good performance ads videos.

  • StockCake

    StockCake: Free, AI-generated stock photos in the public domain. Easily find visuals for your projects.

  • StockTune

    StockTune: AI-powered, public-domain music for content creators. Elevate your projects with royalty-free tracks.

  • uses AI to generate dozens of useful thumbnail ideas for your video in minutes.


    Create cool and unique color palettes with our AI-powered color palette generator.

  • SnapHeadshots

    SnapHeadshots: Generate Realistic AI Headshots

  • ProductScope AI

    AI Tools for Stunning Product Images & Optimized Listings.

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