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So you've built your AI what?

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SaaS AI Tools is a completely free resource with an audience full of people interested in AI, startups, and tech.

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People ❤️ SaaS AI Tools

Aleks Tiupikov


With so many trashy AI directories, this one is really legit.

Thanks @brenkinfa for building one!

Samir Rashed

Growth @ Premast

That’s amazing! Thanks for this product!

Buse Kara

Marketing at B2Metric

Congrats for your launch! UI is very impressive and clear.

Ronie Duharte

Marketing at Vescha Studios

Super easy to use and it saves you lots of time.

Keith Carpenter

Founder at PromptROI

Great collection of tools and curated content!

Gloria G

Growth & Marketing

Wow, Bren. Grats on the launch! Loving this product 👏🏼.

Ben Katz

Growth Product Manager

This is great and beautifully designed, nicely done!

Sefi Keller

I help YouTubers grow

Great list, Bren! I love the use of emojis to make the categories easier to sort through 👏👏

Santiago Cerdeira

Full-Stack Web Developer

I already knew it because I’ve been looking at your work recently. And I can say that I found it very useful, amazing product. Congrats!

Amitay Gilboa

Building podcast communities

WOW! The list has soo many tools I haven’t known yet, and the website is well-designed.

Eddie Forson

Building EnVision

Nicely done Bren! Congratulations on the launch and well done to have put the time to compile such a useful list.

Samar Ali

Maker At

Great work on the launch of SaaS AI Tools! This is a great resource for anyone looking to supercharge their creativity and business.

Richard Gao

Co-founder, Evoke

Congrats on the launch!

Seeing so many of these pop up now, but impressive how this one is for generative AI only.

Excited to get on there once we launch

Max Bos

Creator of

Nice to see the collection of tools! Congrats on the launch 🚀

Lalesultan Güneş

Digital Marketing and UX/UI Specialist

It’s handy to have everything in one place!

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I purchase a Featured Spot?

    Please contact us to discuss. We will review your tool and if we feel it is a good fit to be featured on SaaS AI Tools, you’ll be given the next steps on how to proceed.

    How does a Featured Spot improve my visibility?

    With a Featured Spot, your AI tool is positioned prominently in one of the top 8 spots of our directory, instantly catching the eye of visitors. This, combined with our platform’s significant organic traffic from Google, significantly raises your tool’s visibility.

    What if I want to change information from my listing?

    You’ll be able to update your listing details (title, description, image, etc.) any time.

    Will my listing still appear on the site if it is not featured?

    Yes, your listing will still appear in our directory, but it won’t have the premium positioning or the heightened visibility provided by the Featured Spot.

    Can you guarantee clicks, conversions, or referrals?

    We strive to provide the best possible exposure for your website/tool through a Featured Spot, which significantly increases visibility and the opportunity for engagement.

    However – actual conversions, clicks, and referrals depend on numerous factors beyond our control, including the quality of your product, the effectiveness of your landing page, your sales copy, market trends, and more. While our service is designed to enhance opportunities for these outcomes, we do not guarantee specific results.

    Do you offer refunds if I’m not satisfied with the service?

    All sales for Featured Spots are final and we do not offer refunds. The purchase of a Featured Spot secures your premium positioning in our directory for the duration of the agreed period. We encourage you to make the most of this opportunity by ensuring your product, landing page, and sales copy are as compelling and effective as possible.

    Can I cancel my Featured Spot and get a refund for the remaining period?

    While you can cancel your Featured Spot at any time, please note that we do not offer refunds for the remaining period after cancellation. Your listing will remain featured until the end of your paid duration. All sales are final.