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Beanbag AI

Find & Convert Leads faster with Beanbag.


Beanbag AI is a secret weapon for smarter prospecting & lead generation. It uses AI to find ideal leads, fetches contact info in a click with a linkedin extension, and fully automates multi-channel outreach across email, LinkedIn, and calls.

It is time to Find and Convert your leads faster with Beanbag AI

Key Features of Beanbag AI

– Bulk data enrichment
– Multi channel outreach
– Chrome extension
– Prospecting

Beanbag AI Use Cases

– Sales professionals: Can find qualified leads faster and build targeted outreach campaigns.
– Marketing teams: Can generate high-quality leads and nurture existing relationships with automated multi-channel outreach.
– Founders: Can connect with potential partners and customers, focusing on pitching and converting leads instead of clueless data hunting.
– Placement Team: Can reach and connect with Industry folks and the hiring committee of companies to invite for college-corporate partnerships.
– Recruiters: Can hunt and call prospective candidates for job vacancies to fill the positions quickly.

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