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Turn dinner on Autopilot – Automated dinner menu and grocery ordering.


Dinnerfy is an AI app for automated meal planning & grocery shopping. Add dietary preferences for weekly menus & recipe suggestions by experts. It compiles a grocery list for easy delivery orders, learning your tastes over time for hassle-free cooking.

Key Features of Dinnerfy

✅ Simple UX and easy to use.
✅ Add your own recipes with RecipeGPT and share them with others.
✅ One-click integration with Instacart.
✅ The AI learns from your swipes.
✅ Customize your diet.
🎉 The best part → Absolutely free for life. No download required.

Dinnerfy Use Cases

🤔 What is Dinnerfy?
Dinnerfy is a simple app that creates weekly dinner menus and orders groceries for you. With just a few simple swipes and a click, you can plan your week and order groceries on Instacart. It personalizes suggestions based on your preferences and generates new recipes with AI.

😖 Why does it exist?
When we looked into the different meal planning apps currently available, we weren’t satisfied. None of the apps provided a direct answer to “What’s for dinner?” as they required users to be habitual users to work effectively. After conducting extensive research (including talking with dozens of busy moms), we built Dinnerfy.

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