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Growth Makers

10X Your Organic Leads with AI Marketing Team


Growth Makers is a team of AI assistants who work hard to provide unique growth strategies and quality content to get more leads organically for your business.

Key Features of Growth Makers

Unlimited Growth Strategies
1000 Reddit replies
1000 Twitter replies
10 Blogs
30 Infographics for social media and Pintrest
150 Social Media posts

Growth Makers Use Cases

Growth Strategies with Action Plans

Growth Makers creates growth strategies that are designed to work for your business. By applying these strategies, you can achieve increased traffic, engagement, and conversions.

The Ideal Customer Attraction Plan

Growth Makers builds a content calendar to be shared across social media and other channels that aligns with your brand. They create content in your brand’s tone.

Spread the word about your business in your niche

Growth Makers continuously tracks keywords relevant to your business across Twitter and Reddit, selects posts to mention your business, and also generates replies in a natural tone.

Infographics to grab your prospects’ attention

You don’t have to spend all your time generating infographics to share across social media. Growth Makers does it autonomously.

Strategies revised based on analytics

After providing your Google Analytics key, Growth Makers will monitor your stats every week and revise the growth strategies accordingly. The revised plans will be more efficient than the old plans.

Content Improvement Over Time

Growth Makers analyzes tweet and Reddit post impressions and learns which content resonates well with the target audience, thereby improving content generation.

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