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Jack AI

AI Marketing Copywriter tool


Most marketers struggle to write copy. We use AI to help marketers create copy across different websites so that you can reach more customers and get more clicks.

Jack AI helps marketers write marketing material for different websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Google. Jack AI also helps marketers write blogs that are optimised for SEO. Jack AI has other tools for business such as Email Marketing, Website Copywriting and Google Ads. Jack AI has over 50 tools to choose from so that you don’t need any other tool when doing your marketing.

Jack AI has a Chrome extension that enables users to use the power of Jack AI when they need it most. For example, when a marketer is on Linkedin and needs to write a post, they can pull up the JackAI Chrome extension to come up with ideas or reword an existing post.

Jack AI is used by thousands of teams worldwide who rely on Jack’s AI to woo their customers. Jack AI is free to try!

Key Features of Jack AI

Jack helps you brainstorm, create and finetune your ideas into real-life marketing copy.
User friendly interface
Jack has tools for all the social media sites so you can tailor your content to the right audience.
Jack is always learning and improving to make sure it serves you the best it can.

Jack AI Use Cases

Create and edit your document directly within Jack with the document editor. Designed to make it easy to get your work done.
Want to use multiple tools for the same document? Switch between Jack’s many tools whilst keeping your document in view.
Jack uses the latest AI models for high quality content creation. Jack ensures your business stays ahead of the curve and is employing the latest marketing trends.
Jack will help you brainstorm ideas, generate an outline, write engaging intros and finish your blog posts. Jack will do it the way you want it done.
Jack will help you write your website copy so that more customers convert.
Jack helps you write effective, highly converting headlines and suggests long tail keywords for you.

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