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Custom AI Chatbots for your Business


KaraboAI is a Chatbot as a Service platform where you can create custom chatbots for your business in 2 minutes and embed on your website. You can create: Knowledge Retrieval Chatbots, Customer Support Chatbots, Lead Generation – Data Collection Chatbots, Quote Creation Chatbots, Appointment Scheduling Chatbots and Sales Chatbots in an easy to use interface.

Key Features of KaraboAI

Create AI Powered Chatbots to save you time and money, instead of hiring customer support agents to sit and answer client queries – just get an AI chatbot to manage your customer service.

KaraboAI Use Cases

“Customer service support chatbot – a 24/7 chatbot that can answer customer queries based on your website information and training content.

Data Collection – replace forms with an intuitive interface chatbot, the chatbot can collect information like contact forms, event RSVP, customer surveys, client surveys, registrations – the chatbot can collect data in the form of text, images and documents in the structure that you need

Calendar Management – Create calendar chatbot, connect to your google calendar and let the chatbot manage your calendar. It can schedule appointment, ensure there is no conflict, send out confirmation emails for appointments etc. Add multiple calendars to the same chatbot. This chatbot can be used to manage appointments for a small consulting firm, beauty spa or any team of people who need calendar management.

Sales and Quotes: Upload your product list and business information and let this chatbot manage your sales, the chatbot can talk to clients about your product and services and create quotes, emailing it to the clients and recording the interaction in your dashboard for follow up later.”

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