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🧲 Centralize user feedback & research. Understand with 🪄 real AI.


Product discovery is super valuable and key to build the best possible product. The top companies in the world all have spent a ton of time with their users, and continue to. The goal is to truely understand their problems to know what you should build/improve.

But, most product teams don’t do discovery at all, or don’t take enough time to do it. And it makes sense, it’s super time consuming.

That’s why we built ListenUp! to help you centralize all of your user feedback & research in one place and have AI suggestions/actions to make the process 30x faster than what you do today.

Key Features of ListenUp!

ListenUp! has tons of options to make your life easier, but here are the top ones you should try:

– centralize user feedback & research with the native integrations (Slack, Intercom, Zoom, etc.)
– use the ListenUp! Chrome extension to record you user interviews and sent the recording to your ListenUp! inbox for transcription
– highlight any feedback or research to create insights
– create patterns with similar insights
– search for anything inside of your insight database
– share insights/patterns with your team to align everybody in the right direction
– use the AI suggestions at every step of the way mentionned

ListenUp! Use Cases

There are 3 main use cases where ListenUp! can help your product team bring more value to your users:

Use case #1: User interviews

ListenUp! has a free chrome extension to record any user interview without having weird bots joining the call. Each recording is automatically added to your ListenUp! inbox and gets transcribed by AI. You can also access custom AI summaries of your call.

Then, all you’re left to do is to highlight the most important parts of the call to create user insights. You can then group common user insights into patterns to easily see what you should work on next. You can share the link to inisghts and patterns in your delivery documentation (e.g. Jira, Notion, Linear) to align your team.

Use case #3: Product discovery on autopilot

When using ListenUp!, you have the option to automatically collect user feedback & research with the available integrations (e.g. Slack, intercom, etc.). Depending on your company, it might take you too much time to go over each capture and create insights.

That’s why you can turn the AI autopilot mode on to have ListenUp!’s AI do all the work for you. It will create insights, add the right tags to those insights, create patterns and notify you with what you need to work on next.

Use case #4

You want (or your C-level) to verify an assumption against your user pains on your product, but you have no clue if you users have this issue, the proportion of users, who the users are (if they pay, are in your ICP, etc.), etc.

Inside of ListenUp!, you use the AI chat to ask any question about your user, it will give you the best snapchat of knowledge about your users and will also give you the exact feedback, patterns, users who have those issues.

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