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New Dialogue

Privately chat with your content. Embed AI chat on your website or intranet.


New Dialogue is an open-source-based GPT designed to work for you. Reimagine your customer and employee experience. New Dialogue AI generates contextual results based on your content. Upload your document collection and chat with your content. Extend New Dialogue to your intranet or website.
Chat with your knowledge – New Dialogue AI is an open-source-based ChatGPT-like service. Designed to have a contextual understanding of your content, you and your team can chat with your operational knowledge. It’s a bit like chatting with a subject matter expert in your business.
Effortless prompt results sharing with your favorite apps – Connect New Dialogue AI with your favorite apps via Zapier. Automate the sharing of key prompt results with different users across your existing workflows.
Extend New Dialogue AI directly into your site – Embed an AI chat that knows your content on your intranet or website. Support your team and your customers.

Key Features of New Dialogue

AI-Powered Chat: Quick and accurate responses using AI technology.
Adaptability: Solutions for various customer scenarios.
Document Analysis: Precise answers from uploaded files.
Consistency: Maintains brand tone and messaging.
Efficiency: Swift query resolution for improved customer satisfaction.
Scalability: Handles high query volumes..
Multilingual Support: Serves diverse customer bases effortlessly.
Collaboration Tools: Facilitates teamwork with integrations for Teams and Slack
Learning and Improvement: Enhances team skills through using chat to learn from your content.
Privacy and Security: Prioritises customer data privacy and secure interactions.

New Dialogue Use Cases

New Dialogue is versatile and adaptable, suitable for various industries and roles, including:
Proposal Management: AI rapidly generates responses from existing content, speeding up the process.
Healthcare: Chat with Documents for Instant Answers, Compliance, and Training.
Customer Support: Provide quick resolutions to common customer queries about products, services, and policies.
Real Estate: Answer questions about property listings, rental agreements, and property management.
Legal Teams: Support legal professionals with research, document reviews, and case analysis.
Construction: Address inquiries related to project timelines, materials, documentation, and writing.

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