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Where AI Meets your Stories


SceneXtras adds a chat interface with a galaxy of over 6 million voice-activated AI characters from 1 million films and TV series, your journey through your favourite stories is limited only by your imagination.

Get questions you always had about your favourite stories answered, before, during and after viewing.

Key Features of SceneXtras

• Simplify Storylines: Easily get complex plots explained by SceneGPT your streaming companion
• Make Watching Active: Chat with 6M+ Al Characters from 1M+ Shows
• Fix Recommendations: Tell SceneGPT like, get best picks
• Recaps on Tap: Missed something? Catch up in a click.
• Redefine Screen Time: Turn binge into learn, guilt free

SceneXtras Use Cases

Script Writing Aid
Harness AI-powered character chats to brainstorm and refine scripts.
Tap into the creativity of virtual characters to overcome writer’s block.
Kids’ Plot Comprehension Tool
Engage children with interactive character chats to enhance plot understanding.
AI characters guide kids through story elements, boosting comprehension.
Language Learning Companion
Practice conversing in a new language with AI characters.
Customize the language settings for an immersive learning experience.
Streaming Companion
Auto-detects watched content and provides relevant character chats.
Characters possess in-depth knowledge for meaningful discussions.
Tailor AI responses to match desired tone and length.
Easily access chats organized by specific movies/shows.

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