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Email, Reimagined


SkimAI is the ultimate AI copilot for mastering your email inbox, offering seamless integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCloud Mail. This innovative tool enhances productivity through intelligent scheduling, custom email drafting, and brief summaries, streamlining your email management. With SkimAI, you achieve a more organized inbox that adapts to your specific workflow needs, simplifying email tasks and saving time.

Key Features of SkimAI

SkimAI can assist you in managing your emails efficiently by providing the following features:

– Automatically creating drafts and saving them to your inbox
– Automatically creating and assigning labels, which are synced with your Gmail account
– Providing a default summary of each email
– Allowing you to train SkimAI with data to personalize its suggestions
– Giving you the option to choose the direction in which you would like to draft your email.
– Connect to your calendar and send out your availabilities.

SkimAI Use Cases

– SkimAI can sort and manage your email, so that you can wake up every day to a clean inbox.
– SkimAI can prepare draft responses for you, so that you can have a reply ready to be sent first thing in the morning.
– SkimAI can prioritize your emails and action points, providing you with a summary of what is important and requires your attention.
– You can create rules to determine which emails to reply to, forward, or take appropriate action upon.
– SkimAI offers many more features to make your email management experience smoother and more productive!

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