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Watermelon AI

Build beautiful websites fast on your mobile device


Watermelon simplifies the process of creating a website for your business in under a minute. No need for technical skills or fancy equipment – if you have an iPhone and the Watermelon app, you’re all set. This tool is perfect for anyone launching their own venture or entrepreneurs looking for an effortless method to establish their online presence.

How It Works:

Share Your Business Info: Tell us the basics – your location, type of business, and its name. Our AI takes it from there, crafting a website that effectively represents your offerings with the right words and images.

AI-Powered Customization: Our artificial intelligence tailors your website with appropriate text, visuals, and layouts that best describe your business’s objectives and services. You’re welcome to use our suggestions as they are or as a base for your unique content.

Personalize Your Site: Alter your site’s look by modifying colors, fonts, and by adding your logo and pictures. Our designs are not only professional and appealing but also optimized for mobile devices.

Launch for Free: When your website meets your satisfaction, go ahead and publish it online without any cost.

Key Features of Watermelon AI

Embedded Lead Form
Track Your Performance with analytics
Multiple pages generated automatically using generative AI
Fully customizable design templates
Improve your searchability online with a custom domain
Free SSL/HTTPS certificates for added security
Free hosting

Watermelon AI Use Cases

Small business owners or entrepreneurs looking to build a fully functional and beautiful multi page website fast.

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