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Today's AI Tools

SaaS GPTers

The largest ChatGPT directory with 500+ resources

SaaS Prompts

500+ ChatGPT prompts for your SaaS product

Hitpaw AI Art Generator

One-click to generate AI contents without any hassle. Al-trained generators. 100% Safe.


Email marketing tool using AI to generate content for all types of use: newsletters, landing pages, blogs, social networks, summaries, reworkings, translations, etc.. Numerous available templates. Free trial.


A generative AI business strategy tool to create new startups from scratch in 1 minute.


A prompt engineering toolbox that allows you to track your AI footprint and gives you control over you data.


Cutout.pro is a AI-based comprehensive image processing and editing platform that offers a range of services for background removal, image enhancement, AI art generation, ID photo making, photo animation, and cartoon selfie creation.

Cutout.pro also provides a comprehensive solution that helps customers get the best possible results from their images


Hushl is a gamified, creative platform to help you consistently create better content.

It helps users with all five steps of content creation: ideation, structure, creation, feedback and distribution. Users use Hushl to write tweets, LinkedIn posts, blogs and more, and report seeing a 25% increase in quality of content immediately.

The gamification system rewards users for regular content creation: tokens are awarded for consistency, helping the community and for completing missions on the platform. Tokens can be exchanged for rewards

The platform is designed to increase the creative confidence of people and help them consistently create better content - in less than 5 minutes a day.


Get 50+ SEO-Optimized articles published on your blog every month with complete automation with help of AI Content Botz powered by GPT-4.


Never get left on read again. Use dating app screenshots + AI to generate interesting conversation responses.

Fabrie AI

AI powered design tool built on Fabrie's whiteboard. It helps industrial designer, fashion designers and interior designers to quickly generate photorealistic rendering with sketch in seconds. It is currently in beta and welcomes designers to signup and try it.

Chaplin - ChatGPT Trading Assistant & Bot Builder

Take all the guess work out of your time and quickly and easily build Indicators, Back test strategies and launch sophisticated Trading Bots without writing a single line of code. Support Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Futures, Options.

Eloise AI

Eloise is a ai content writing tool that assist clients at writing all types of content.


Creatus.AI is an AI-driven text-to-video app that leverages natural language processing, lip sync, and machine learning to efficiently produce versatile, high-quality content.


Automatically turn chats into spreadsheets with AI. Let AI automatically find actionable data in your customer conversations and write it to a Google Sheet for you.


AI-generated podcast summaries delivered straight to your inbox.

Visix AI

Visix AI helps you to generate AI Images for Free and Fast.


Fundraising platform for startup founders. With Raizer you can find perfect investors and reach them out with the power of AI.

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SaaS GPTers

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SaaS AI Tools

Discover 1500+ generative AI tools

SaaS Prompts

500+ actionable ChatGPT SaaS prompts

SaaS Bookshelf

100+ curated startup books with key takeaways

SaaS Business ideas

Random SaaS business idea generator

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